Balsamic Vinegar party favors

Ambrosia Balsamico

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Prezzo € 19,00

Unlike the usual and boring party favors, this idea is:
-elegant for a unique occasion
-innovative to surprise your guests with something unusual
-delicious, to link your special celebration to an excellent Italian product.
We provide a 40cc bottle of balsamic vinegar, aged 15 years and produced in compliance with the Consortium Product Specification but without the PDO. As described in the page about quality, you are not allowed to bottle the Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale di Modena if the capacity is other than 100cc.
In order for the final price of party favors to be reasonable, we provide a smaller bottle which is not guaranteed by the Consortium but has the mark of our acetaia.
The online purchase comprises of the example shown:
• 40cc balsamic vinegar bottle aged for 15 years
• a label with the names of the married couple and if you want the personalization of your logo
•Party box available in different colours depending on the celebration (wedding, christening, confirmation, university degree etc.)
It is possible to customize the offer and upon request we will send you an estimate for:
•bottles of different capacity: 50 cc, 100 cc, 200 cc, etc.
•special bottles made of blown glass
•party favors with 30 year old balsamic vinegar
•party favors with Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale di Modena DOP Affinato or Extravecchio in the official 100 cc bottle
•a small bag of sugar almonds in the box
•bottles of vinegar without the box
If you are interested in visiting us you are more than welcome, please send us an email and we will arrange an appointment.