Sales Conditions

General Selling Condition

For each purchase order done on our site the following selling conditions are applied.
We reserve the right to change the selling conditions; the new conditions will be effective from the published date in our web site. To avoid misunderstanding we invite you to read the selling conditions each time a new order is purchased.
Artc. 1 Caratheristics of goods
The goods that could be purchased, in the respect of indicated procedure, are those who are present in our web site at the moment of purchased order as described in the informative sheets.
Artc. 2 Price
The price of goods is specified in the web site in correspondence of each product.
The price does not includes custom fee for expedition outside European Union
The expedition price, if needed, has to be added.
The defined price, founded in our web site, is to be considered effective and compelling until new modification and integration is done.
Artc. 3. Expedition fee
The expedition fee has to be paid by the buyer and is specified in the purchase order. The shipping costs are responsibility of the customer and are specified on the order. The shipment will be forever recorded with accompanying receipt, which unless otherwise stated customer will be included inside the package. In case it is requested by the customer invoicing of the goods, this must be received at time of order indicating: the personal details of the customer, the VAT and the tax code.
Artc. 4. Procedure for delivery and purchasing
The timing of good delivery indicated in the web site has not to be considered compulsory.
The expedition of goods will be done into 36 hours after the payment while the delivery is guarantee into 7 days after the payment.
The Acetaia of Ferraguti Gabriella will not take the responsibility of non delivery or delay due to environmental conditions.
In case of delay due to our Acetaia, the buyer could ask, after formal notice in writing of the Seller, the compensation of the effective damn after demonstration and within the maximum limit of 5% of the price of the products delivered late.
Payment for goods must be made through:
Il pagamento della merce dovrà essere effettuato mediante le seguenti forme:
  • CREDIT card
  • COUNTERSIGN: Only for shipments to Italy
Art 5. Claim
Complaints relating to packaging must be immediately reported to the carrier who is doing the delivery by adding the words "subject to removal" on the appropriate document and confirmed within 3 days to Ambrosia Acetaia by mail or by registered mail or by phone.
Returning costs of the damaged package will be payed by Ambrosia acetaia, After receiving of damaged package to cater we will provide a new shipment of the goods covered by the order. As for complaints about the number of packages or appearance of products (apparent defects), these must be notified of the Ambrosia Acetaia of Ferraguti Gabriella by email, on pain of forfeiture, within 7 days from the date of receipt of the products. Instead, any claims relating to defects not detectable at the time of receipt (hidden defects) must be notified to Ambrosia Ferraguti Gabriella always by email, on pain of forfeiture, within 7 days from the date of discovery of the defect and in any event not later than 2 months from delivery. The dispute, about the complaint does not suspend the obligation of the buyer to pay the price.
Art 6 Right of withdrawal (Only for sales inside E.U.)

The right of withdrawal may be exercised within forteen days from the date of receipt of the goods with a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt to the location of the seller, or by sending the notice by certified mail to the address

In the written communication must be enterred personal data and those related to the purchase done by Internet. You must specify the intention to withdraw from the contract, although it is not necessary to mention the reasons.
The consumer must then return the goods, always within ten days of receipt by insured courier, the cost of return mustl be taken by the consumer. The delivered products must be intact (the substantial integrity of the returned item is an essential condition for the exercise of the right of withdrawal) and in the original packaging; failing that, the withdrawal will become ineffective

Without prejudice to the fulfillment of the above, the seller will refund the purchased products as soon as possible and in any event within 30 days from the date of receipt of the request for withdrawal as long as it already received the return of the goods.

If cancellation request arrives by mail or telephone before sending the order, the reimbursement will be immediate, with no return shipping cost charghed to customer.

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