About Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena

The balsamic vinegar is not just a condiment , able to enrich dishes of all kinds, it is part of the territory of Modena, inextricably linked to its people and its history.
Until the nineteenth century there wasn’t a unique technique of producing balsamic vinegar, there were many, one per family handed down from father to son, each with its secrets in musts, in the woods for aging and patient care during the long years of aging. In its aroma and its taste balsamic vinegar concentrates and brings to life the mood of his lands. It tells the story of the fat and fertile plains created millions of years ago by the alluvial deposits of the Po, Panaro, the Secchia, the Scortico and freed from water by centuries of land drainage done by people, who dug canals, embankments and raised piled embankments. They are dark lands and generous living and breathing a deep relationship with water and moisture in the air, from the abundant spring rains, the heavy summer heat, until the fog of long winters.
The "balsamic" closed its batteries in the dark lives of these atmospheres, concentrated in the few drops that while enchant your taste buds tell the very soul of the land.
To begin to learn the traditional balsamic vinegar then invite the reader to invest a few moments to read the following pages
As is the case for many, if not all, there are a host of false excellence here is how to recognize the True Traditional Balsamic of Modena and defend themselves against imitations.