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Ambrosia Balsamico

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Visit batteries aging balsamic vinegar
  • Visit batteries aging balsamic vinegar
  • Fotografia aerea con indicazioni di accesso Acetaia Ambrosia
  • Tasting tables
  • Guided tasting
  • table tastings
Prezzo € 3,00

Visits last approximately one hour also depending on how much time you have and your interest in the balsamic vinegar. For large groups, visits last approximately two hours.
The tour comprises:
• Visit to the acetaia
• Explanation of the history, the production method and how to taste the Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale di Modena (Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena)
• Tasting of traditional balsamic vinegar in its different stages of the aging process
• the optional purchase of vinegar at a discounted price for visitors only.
Visits cost 3 € per person except for under 14-year-olds and such amount will be discounted on any purchase.
Visits are only by appointment from 9 AM to 6 PM, for groups larger than 10 people we kindly recommend you to book the visit at least one week before.
Visits are available in Italian and English , it is possible to hire an interpreter for other languages and in such case, after receiving your request, we will send you an estimate for the service.
To confirm the visit please fill in this form, send it to our email address or via fax and proceed with the payment. If you cancel the visit 24 hours in advance you will be fully reimbursed, otherwise 30% of the total amount will be charged.
Here are the street directions to our acetaia, in the picture on the left you can see a map with the parking lot.
You can get to Acetaia Ambrosia by public transport but we highly recommend you to book the Prontobus at least 24 hours in advance. We can arrange the transport for you (tick the appropriate box in the visit form) or if you prefer to arrange it on your own, the bus stop is MO2010 and you can find all the information you need on the SETA spa website.
For groups of at least 12 people we can arrange a bus to and from Modena; the cost is 1.5 € each.

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