The centuries-old tradition of Balsamic, 2nd edition

Ambrosia Balsamico

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If you want to know more about technical details, it will be difficult to find some information since the oral tradition and the “secrets” of each acetaia have not extended to the written publication of the production techniques.
A good book to deepen your knowledge of balsamic vinegar is the second edition of “Balsamico della Tradizione secolare”. Edited by the Consorteria of Spilamberto, it is an updated version of the first edition published in 1999.
The 400 pages deal with the topic exhaustively and address both those running the acetaie and passionate consumers.
The approach is technical and the book targets those who already know the product and aim at enriching their collection with one of the most exhaustive text on balsamic vinegar, with a special focus on how to run an acetaia.

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ISBN: 8890698020
Pages: 364 (A5)
Publication: 2011

Language: Italian
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